How LED Parking Lot & Indoor lighting can reduce your budget

How LED Parking Lot & Indoor lighting can reduce your budget

How LED Parking Lot & Indoor lighting can reduce your budget


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How much can I save?

Many companies often have to make painful cuts, like trimming services. But there are alternatives that can generate long-term savings while adding improvements to existing services. One easy way is installing energy-saving LED lights as replacements for energy-draining lights.


No one can dispute the long-term savings realized by replacing parking lot lamps or indoor facility lighting with LED lights. Upgrading to LED lighting can drive down typical building energy expenses anywhere from 40 to 60 percent, and with our Limited Time Only LED Savings Promotion–  your return on investment can be realized in as little as under 2 years!


What about operational costs?

LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours compared with 20000 hours for most streetlights. Saving you huge amounts on your electric bill.


Indoor LED lighting Installers CT

Commercial LED Lighting Application

Lowering costs isn’t the only benefit. “LED parking lot and streetlights introduce greatly improved lighting quality, including improved night visibility, due to higher color rendering, and increased uniformity. A person can see less than 25 percent of colors accurately under HPS lights, whereas by contrast, LED parking lot and streetlights usually have a broader color spectrum, allowing color identification of more than 70 percent.


“Law enforcement tells us this is a great benefit to them because colors can be more accurately defined by witnesses,” he says.


What’s more, LEDs lack toxic materials and bring a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to both how they’re manufactured and reductions in energy consumption once they’ve been installed.

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