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Have you  misplaced your I.T Manager?



cabling CTNo need to fret! We’ll search for you! By using our State of Connecticut Trade Labor Services Contract #19PSX0235BP we can organize all of your cabling closets in no time!


What is the State of Connecticut Trade Labor Services Agreement?


The Trade Labor Services Agreement is a contract we hold with the State of Connecticut to provide state agencies, municipalities, and local Boards of Education, electrical systems, network cabling and communications, security systems and integration under this contract. It also allows the end-user to bypass the bidding process and complete their project directly with us.


Scheduling your next project using this contract will help you save time and money!


This contract allows us to provide you with fixed pricing approved by the State of Connecticut. With the bidding process bypassed, we can quickly schedule your next project without any hassle.



Why clean up your I.T. closets?

A messy wiring closest is a disaster to sort through when adding new hardware, workstations, or troubleshooting a network issue. As this clutter accumulates, network downtime, non-performing machines, and data loss become a regular occurrence. Keeping these cables neat and organized is good practice. If your cabling is structured, organized and properly mapped, removing cables or wires is no big deal. A good cabling layout helps you easily keep these cables in check, ready for cleaning or replacing as needed. In addition, there is more space to move around you network closet when your wiring is tidy.


Does it increase performance?

Yes, better cable management can lead to increase in performance, traceability, and management. Without all those cables clumped in front of the fans, the servers can breathe a little easier, reducing the risk of overheating. Eliminating stray cables on the ground also ensures the safety of the network engineers.


What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us ASAP- we’ll find your I.T. Manager for you! Trust us, they’ll appreciate your efforts.

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Organize Cabling Closet CT

Network Closet Before Organizing

Organized Network Closet

Network Closet After Organization

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Grounding & Bonding Done the Proper Way

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