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The Mercury Group State Contracts

Verified & Trusted

We currently hold 3 major State of Connecticut Contracts

  • State of Connecticut Trade Labor Services Contract for Electrical #19PSX0002
    (Mercury can provide services for electrical, cabling, and security systems under this contract.)
  • Connecticut State Colleges and Universities Contract for Telecommunications and Electrical SO-1714
  • DAS Telecommunications Wiring and Cabling Services 17PSX0217

We are also pre-qualified for:

  • Mercury is a pre-selected contractor by the State of CT DAS Department of Construction Services for all-inclusive Electrical projects to include: Electrical, Telecom, Security, Fire Alarm, and similar projects from $100,000 through $1.5 million CPS-SBE/MBE-ELEC-01
  • State of Connecticut DAS Prequalified Contractor for Electrical, Energy Management, Telecommunications, and Alarm Systems. Click here to read the prequalification.
Click here to read more about our State Contracts from the DAS Portal!

Clients using our State Contracts

Connecticut State Universities Systems Office | Southern Connecticut State University | Housatonic Community College | Eastern Connecticut State University | Northwestern Community College

(In addition to the voice & data & electrical work, the above colleges had a need for IP cameras. This was accomplished by combining our DOIT & DAS contracts. The cameras and electrical portion of installation are sourced through our DAS electrical contract. Under our DOIT contract, we can provide the cabling, network infrastructure and labor combining both contracts for a complete project solution.)

Our Licenses:

  • Major Contractor MCO.0903302
  • Electrical Contractor ELC. 0103731-E
  • Certified SBE & Certified W/MBE

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Advantages of our State Contracts

State contracts can help your local government or school district:

  • Reduce or eliminate the time required to prepare bid specifications
  • Enhance and simplify the purchasing process
  • Minimize the time required to identify responsible vendors
  • Benefit from the competition of many bidders seeking large volume contracts
  • Avoid certain controversies that may arise during the competitive bidding process
  • Reduce the number of bidding documents retained