Company Overview

Our Story

In 1978, the deregulation of telephone companies had just begun. Many new companies were able to join the budding industry of telecommunications. With the new opportunities, came an increased need for network cabling. Thus, Mercury Communications Inc. was created to fulfill the demanding need for telecommunications contractors. Large corporations such as, ESPN, Pitney Bowes the United Nations, plus many more contracted with Mercury Communications Inc. to install large cabling networks across their campuses.

During the 1980’s computers, fax machines, and IBM networks were created to innovate the way we work. These new innovations required network cabling to connect to the outside world. Mercury Communications, Inc. mastered this skill and was invited to install the very first IBM Network in Connecticut.

Mercury Electric, LLC

As Mercury Communications, Inc. grew our customers noticed we also had extensive electrical construction experience. Pretty soon, they started to request our help doing small electrical projects, as well as network cabling. In order to fulfill the electrical need we saw from our customers, Mercury Electric, LLC was created.

From the onset, Mercury Electric decided we would only do select electrical projects for our clients. Since, then, energy saving projects and lighting upgrades have propelled our electrical division forward.

The Mercury Group

Between both of our divisions, cabling and electric, we have developed a customer list like no other! Our customer base includes large fortune 500 companies, state agencies, schools, municipalities, colleges, universities, and many privately owned businesses.

Developing from our customer’s needs, as well as new technology that has emerged, we have built a company that is a one-stop shop for many of our clients. As the President of the company, a retired Navy Seabees veteran, always says:

“The difficult we do immediately-

the impossible takes a little longer.”