Outdoor Heating Mats

SAVE money on all that high maintenance and hazardous shoveling!

SAVE money on all that high maintenance and hazardous shoveling!

We would like to let you know about a new product we offer- outdoor heating mats. Also, called snow melting mats, these mats can be placed anywhere to melt snow and keep the walk ways clear all winter long!

Shoveling can still leave ice and slippery conditions- the safe solution is a outdoor heating mat. Easily installed, these mats will save you money and prevent you from being subjected to costly slip & fall lawsuits.

Advantages of snow melting mats/outdoor heated mats.

-Operating on electricity, these mats can be placed in walkways, ramps, and even stairs and continuously melt snow and ice keeping surfaces constantly clear and safe.

-Heated mats can stay out all season long and be timed to turn on when the snow fall begins, eliminating the need for the 3am wake up call to deploy the maintenance crews.

-There is no need for expensive installation with outdoor heated mats. They are portable and designed to lie on top of existing surfaces. Place the mats over existing entryways, stairs, loading docks, handicap ramps, rooftops, and many other surfaces to provide a clean and safe passageway for foot or wheelchair access.

-Outdoor heated mats will help you develop a durable, safe and effective snow and ice melting system.

-Environmentally friendly

-Reduces liability

-Does not track in salt or sand to your facility

– Will not damage or erode your concrete

Heating mats can be used for facilities of all shapes and sizes!

Parking garages



Rental Units

Malls Airports


… and more!

Prepare for next winter now.

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