Connecticut Electric Vehicle Charging Program

EV Charging Station Installations CT

Connecticut Electric Vehicle Charging Program

The Connecticut Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Program provides a combination of incentives for infrastructure, including electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and fast charging stations, and accompanying rate design offerings in an effort to develop a self-sustaining zero emission vehicle market.

Beginning January 1, 2022 Eversource and The United Illuminating Company (UI) will administer the program. The goal is to deploy more than 60,000 charging ports by 2030.

With the new Make-Ready Program, businesses and municipalities can now install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with up to 100 % reimbursement of costs for the electrical improvements needed to support EV charging and up to 50% reimbursement of installed electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

What is “MakeReady” Infrastructure?

“Make-Ready” infrastructure includes the electrical infrastructure that supports an EV charging station. This includes service connection upgrades between the local substation and transformer and electric vehicle (EV) supply infrastructure between the meter and service panel. Infrastructure upgrades can require significant upfront investment toaccommodate EV charging stations. The Program’s rebate reduces upfront costs to make the site ready for charging station installation, and in some cases covers up to 100% of the cost.

How do I qualify for the “MakeReady” program?

You must be a non-residential customer or be the owner/manager of a multi-unit dwelling (MUD) in utility territory. Customers that lease the property where EV chargers will be installed can still participate in the program, however, the landowner will be required to execute a land rights document (easement). The Program includes public parking areas, retail and mall parking, workplaces and fleets, colleges and universities, government properties, and MUDs. Your parking lot must be located at a site where Eversource or UI services the existing distribution infrastructure.

Where do I purchase my charging station?
Customers must install approved charging stations to be eligible for incentives. Qualified charging station vendors can be found on the EDCs’ websites.

Do I hire my own contractor to install the charger?
Yes. The customer must hire a qualified, statelicensed and insured contractor. The design and construction must comply with all local, state, and federal electrical standards to be eligible for the program.

Can I charge drivers to recoup costs of charging station operations?
Yes, your organization can bill drivers for charging station services subject to any applicable laws or regulations. Business and property owners have the final say on how
their EV charging equipment is utilized.

Where do I apply?

United Illuminating (UI): Click here
Eversource: Click here

To download a list of applicable EV charging stations, click here.

To contact us to quote your electrical vehicle charging station equipment or electrical upgrades needed to install, please click here.


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