Cat6A vs Cat6A Slim Cable- Which should you choose for your network?

Slim Cat6a Cable

Cat6A vs Cat6A Slim Cable- Which should you choose for your network?

20% thinner and lighter than standard Cat6A

Slim cat6 cable is an ultra thin ethernet cable, which is the thin version of cat6 cable. Slim Cat6A cable has a 20% smaller outside diameter, which allows more cables to fit through conduits and systems furniture, decreasing construction costs in your space. Slim Cat6A cable can even make it possible to run 10 Gbps connections to all your users!

Save Room in your Rack with High Density Panels

The thinner diameter of Cat6A Slim cable also allows 48 cables to fit into a high density, 1 rack unit patch panel, cutting the space for panels in half in your rack. Standard Cat6A cable is too thick to be dressed in one rack unit and must use 2U panels instead.

The slim design occupies less space in the data center than other network cables. This can generate better airflow and equipment cooling, which is not only especially important for machines with large chassis switches but also helpful for equipment maintenance.

Because the slim cat6 cable brings more available space, it is more flexible and easier to manage than ordinary cat6 cables. This makes it easier to route cable in crowded cabinets. And this is the reason why the slim cat6 cables are usually used on high-density panels.


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